Release Notes

[edit] [8/10/2014] v2.8.8

[Admin] Added Currency Custom Field type.

[Admin] Added Scheduler logging.

[General] Updated HTLM editor to CKEditor 4.4.3.

[Reports] Added Hardware License Report type.

[Schemasetup] New Schemasetup stats command.

[edit] [3/5/2014] v2.8.7

[Admin] New hardware type attribute icons.

[Admin] Added a limit to the database connection pool.

[Hardware] Added hardware warranty search filter.

[Hardware] Added a configuration to enable check unique serial numbers.

[Reports] Reports module is now included in Open Source Edition.

[General] Add configuration of scheduler logging.

[General] Sponsor ad is enabled throughout the application.

[edit] [1/22/2014] v2.8.6

[Preferences] Added update of own contact in Preferences, requires "Preference - Contact (Write)" permission.

[Contacts] Added export of Company list.

[Issues] Updated to allow the user who logs a new issue to also receive a notification email.

[Software] Added expiration date field as an option in Application Settings > Software columns.

[General] Renamed Contacts module's root path from /contact-mgmt to /contacts.

[General] Refactored to use HTML5 autofocus attribute instead of focus() Javascript.

[Installation] Updated Windows Tomcat default port back to 8080. This only applies to new installations. Upgrades are not affected by this change.