Release Notes

[edit] v2.9.2

  • [9/12/2016] [2.9.2.SP1]
    • [General] Made performance improvements to users caching.
    • [General] UI updates for Chrome.
  • [9/1/2016] [2.9.2]
    • [Service Contracts] Added contract expiration notification.

[edit] v2.9.1

  • [5/10/2016] [2.9.1]
    • [Knowledge Base] Added MediaWiki content type.
    • [Files] Added file title update to Hardware, Software, Contract, Company types.

[edit] v2.9.0

  • [3/17/2016] [2.9.0.SP17]
    • [Hardware] Allow Purchase Price and Purchase Date columns on hardware list page.
  • [3/5/2016] [2.9.0.SP16]
    • [Issues] Number of issues by days did not handle timezones with half hour offset.
    • [Installation] Updated distribution of Windows Java to jdk1.8.0_74.
  • [12/27/2015] [2.9.0.SP15]
    • [Admin] Fixed user search not working.
  • [11/28/2015] [2.9.0.SP14]
    • [Hardware] License assignment removal was not working.
  • [11/15/2015] [2.9.0.SP13]
    • [Contacts] Contact search always returned all results.
  • [11/1/2015] [2.9.0.SP12]
    • [General] Added browser validation. Minimum supported versions: IE 10, Chrome 30, Firefox 30.
    • [Hardware] Added warranty expiration links on hardware main page.
  • [10/20/2015] [2.9.0.SP11]
    • Maintenance release
  • [9/27/2015] [2.9.0.SP10]
    • [General] Added a clear search criteria link to Hardware, Software, Issue, and Contract search pages.
  • [9/12/2015] [2.9.0.SP9]
    • [Auth] Problem accessing pages with guest user even with permissions granted.
  • [9/8/2015] [2.9.0.SP8]
    • [General] Removed unexpected characters shown on the UI when loading object-not-found and file-not-found pages.
  • [9/7/2015] [2.9.0.SP7]
    • [Admin] Updated hardware import behavior. Import now only lookups and checks whether to update existing hardware if "Check unique hardware name" setting is set to true. This provides a way for users who don't need hardware names to be unique to be able to import new hardware of the same names.
    • [Installation] Updated distribution of Windows Java to jdk1.8.0_60.
    • [Hardware] Don't show magnifying glass icon link for invalid licenses.
    • [Hardware] Fixed the bug where software with no licenses cannot be assigned to hardware.